Mastering Facebook Ads

I spent over $800 on Facebook Ads before I finally got my first client from one. The actual ad I ran to find and sign him was budgeted at $200. I actually got around 20 leads from the ad but he was the only one I converted. This was only my second client and I was only a few months into the business. I had no idea how to properly follow up. I usually gave up after 2-3 touches. My gross commission from closing that deal was around $15,000.

I figured if I could replicate my advertisement, convert just one or two more leads with a well thought out follow up system, I could generate an ROI of over 5,000%. I mean that’s unheard of in this industry. We’re told there is no “silver bullet” in Real Estate. Only hard work and consistency.

I just made a 7500% ROI off a Facebook Ad that took me 15 minutes to design,” I thought. I found the silver bullet.

I’m not one of these online advertisement gurus that make a living off selling these guides. These people don’t work in real estate. They make money from selling guides and classes to multiple industries with vague information. This guide is for Real Estate Agents only. 

I make money from helping people buy and sell real estate, just like you. This is simply me wanting to share what has worked for me with other real estate agents struggling to generate Facebook Ad leads (& making a few extra bucks doing so).

Like I said, I spent almost $1,000 dollars in trial and error before perfecting this. If you want to do the same to say you did it, by all means go ahead. If you want to learn the types of ads I run to generate 20-50 leads a month spending a few hundred bucks, enter in your information and I’ll reach get in touch with you. I’ll show you the exact ad I ran to pen a $15,000 GCI client, as well as targeting information, creative, placement, text strategies, a follow up system, and concepts I center my ads around.